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GOSS Uniliner

Hersteller: GOSS

Baujahr: 2007

Verfügbarkeit: sofort

Preis: auf Anfrage
+38(094) 930-23-52

Ref. number: 4P1016
Format (mm):
Cut-off 600 mm
Max. web width 1680 mm
Max. speed 75 000 cph (tabloid pages)
Max. print possibility: 32 4-color А3 (or 64 4-color А3 with collating)
4 Heatset Four HI tower, (8 inking couples each with possibility prints 4+4)
2.3.3 Jaw Folder with quarterfold (for Tabloid and Broadsheet)
Compensation of effect fan-out
Dampening Baldwin Jimec World Spray (8 nozzles)
Inking system- Goss Digital
Circumferencial and lateral registers : motorized for each plate +/- 3мм
Automatic greasing system
Double diameter of offset and plate cylinders
2 reelstand MEG Amal (AR 80 and AR 80C)
Control Printing system EAE print РР
Shaftless Drive, with Drive Control
GOSS OPSS Baltic Desks (Windows 2000, Quality Control, Alarms, Events, etc…)
MEGTEC Silicone Coater 4000
Dampening system Technotrans Gamma SD 40L,
System for ink pumps BETZ ( 8x 200 l)
PLANATOL splicers System
Standort: Ukraine

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